The First Official Mountain Pie Cook-Off – 2012

It happened. The three of us that made it camping came loaded up with three recipes each for mountain pies and each night we prepped, cooked, and shared our entries into the mountain pie cook-off.

Although we didn’t get too formal, we all did take turns to make ours, no one competing for fire cools or mixing ingredients. Each contestant lined up the ingredients they were using and prepared the pie. Then cut it and shared it. The entries in the same category followed. Because we didn’t want anyone to get the first or last advantage for every category, we rotated positions for each one.

Mountain Pie Contest Rules

There really weren’t many. We discussed lots of stringent stuff, but ultimately decided to not impose too many restrictions, after all, it was our first one. We did have a few simple rules though:

1. Recipes and ideas were to remain secret until camp.

2. All ingredients must be purchased by the contestant and brought to camp.

3. All items had to be readily available in the grocery store and require no prep that could not be done at camp. If you needed to cook something, you had to do it at camp and not prior to coming.

Mountain Pie Contest Entries and Categories

Breakfast Mountain Pies

1. Bagel Sandwiches
2. Eggs in a Nest
3. Banana Walnut Stuffed French Toast

Dinner Mountain Pies

1. Meatball Sandwiches
2. Chicken Pot Pies
3. Chicken Enchilada

Dessert Mountain Pies

1. Pineapple Inside Cake
2. Blueberry Filled Pastry
3. Elvis Sandwiches
4. Peanut Butter Melt-aways (brought by some special guests)

Oh my goodness, some of these were divine! All recipes will be posted as I get them up and linked from this page.

Will there be a second mountain pie cook-off? You bet!