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Aliner RV

While so many new people took up camping as a way to get out during the pandemic, we did the opposite. We were already having doubts that our bathroom-less Aliner was going to be with us for much longer and, boom! The RV market exploded. While normally numb to economic conditions, we posted it for sale on RV Trader, sold it in less than a week, thanked if for its service, and delivered it halfway to its new owners.

Whoo hoo! (Happy dance.)

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Modifying the A-Liner Bed…Again

A few years ago, we outfitted our A-liner bed with a foam mattress topper and cover. Well, a few years have past and, after a few restless nights, one of us decided that it was time for another revamp. We headed to Ikea and invested in the Sultan Hanestad mattress. This comes rolled.

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Storing the Aliner

Aliner in garage

The Benefits of a High Garage: Storing the Aliner

Since the Get Out Camping blog started, we took a hiatus from camping for awhile because we moved. Now, I’m not going to say that is is why we moved, but I will say I think it made our choice house much more attractive to us. Continue reading “Storing the Aliner”

Aliner Use One: Hotel

Using the Aliner as a Hotel

When we bought the Aliner, a primary reason was to be able to take off quickly for a night or two away without much prep and without the clean-up that typically comes with camping. To do this, we took a look a how we may use this foldable room on wheels. We came up with three ways. The first is as a hotel.To use the Aliner as a hotel we made up one plastic storage container of essentials.

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Making an Aliner Bed More Comfortable

Improving the Mattress Quality in the Aliner

After several trips out, we realized that the cushions in the Aliner were not quite the quality we wanted them to be. We sought out a quick fix that did not require upholstery, a needle, or thread. The only tool I wanted to have to use was my credit card.  After all, we got the A-Liner for easy camping. If I’m home sewing cushions, I’m not camping, am I? Continue reading “Making an Aliner Bed More Comfortable”

How is the A-Liner’s Heat? “It is Warmer Than My House”

How is the heat in a Columbia Northwest Aliner?

Over Thanksgiving, we hooked up the A-Liner and headed “home”. One reason (excuse) we used to justify thus purchase of the A-liner was that both of our parents have recently downsized, leaving us without a free bed in town. (Please don’t tell us about the math, as I ignore it consciously.) Continue reading “How is the A-Liner’s Heat? “It is Warmer Than My House””


Columbia Northwest Aliner Classic

Well, we did it. We took a step towards organized camping by investing in a camper. After years of tent camping, we were reached a point where we wished we could go more often, but knew it was just not possible because it was just too much work. As two busy people with full-time jobs, a house, and just life in general, the process of cleaning-packing-camping-packing-cleaning-packing again, was just too much. We seemed to always have rain and when you have rain, you have to let things dry out, which can add another week of work before you can go back to life before camping. Continue reading ““A” IS FOR ALINER”

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