Mountain Pie Iron, C. Palmer Mfg.

We have used many, many different mountain pie makers – double ones, fluted ones, round ones, and we were recently even gifted with a panini maker one. For awhile, we took them all to camp to keep everyone cooking. But, we noticed that people would wait to use a certain one (or two, because we had two of the same model). And, they were our favorites as well.

We stopped lugging the rest with us and now just carry these favorites.  They may be difficult to find. You can get a Hobo Pie Iron on Amazon,  or from the manufacturer’s website. These are made right here in West Newton – a small town south east of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. A fellow camper wanted to get one and were able to drive to the factory and pick one up. I have not seen them in many stores, but that is a shame because these can’t be beat. We never go camping without them.

After year’s of use, the coating is still slick and has not chipped.

Coated interior
The interior is nicely coated to minimize sticking.
The Original Sandwich Toaster
Our favorite mountain pie maker