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Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania State parks and forests

Corbett sees no more leases for gas drilling in PA’s state parks, forests

Written by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 10:19 am.

HARRISBURG — State officials are not considering leasing any additional acres of state forestland or parks for gas drilling, Gov. Tom Corbett told reporters Monday.

Asked about rumors that have circulated since John Norbeck was dismissed as state parks director earlier this month, Mr. Corbett vigorously denied that state parks soon could see drilling activity

Continue reading “Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania State parks and forests”

The First Official Mountain Pie Cook-Off

The First Official Mountain Pie Cook-Off – 2012

It happened. The three of us that made it camping came loaded up with three recipes each for mountain pies and each night we prepped, cooked, and shared our entries into the mountain pie cook-off. Continue reading “The First Official Mountain Pie Cook-Off”

Winnebago Man: Would you do me a kindness?

When I read about Jack Rebney’s recent catastrophe, my heart sank. I don’t wish this on anyone, but Jack? To me, Jack is like this reclusive uncle that I always wanted to know better, but he really just never comes around. He lives somewhere else with a dog that knows him better than anyone else on earth ever did or ever will. Continue reading “Winnebago Man: Would you do me a kindness?”

The Great Mountain Pie Cook-Off Experiment

The Great Mountain Pie Cook-off
The Great Mountain Pie Cook-Off is about to begin.

Mountain Pie Contest

At our long camping trip this fall, we have decided to try Great Mount Pie Cook-off experiment. Tired of our boring pizza mountain pies, we’re challenging all campers to come prepared with three ideas and ingredients to make three unique mountain pies, one each for three categories: breakfast, dinner, and dessert. We’ll each cook our category entry at the same time, cut them up and declare a winner. Continue reading “The Great Mountain Pie Cook-Off Experiment”

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