While so many new people took up camping as a way to get out during the pandemic, we did the opposite. We were already having doubts that our bathroom-less Aliner was going to be with us for much longer and, boom! The RV market exploded. While normally numb to economic conditions, we posted it for sale on RV Trader, sold it in less than a week, thanked if for its service, and delivered it halfway to its new owners.

Whoo hoo! (Happy dance.)

Um… but now what do we do? It was a long two years. We spent it dreaming of what was next but not moving on anything. Supply and demand, baby. Supply of RVs was low; demand high. Guess we’re staying home. We justified our reluctance buy with all kinds of reasons — the parks too crowded, gas too expensive, yada yada yada.

But I miss it.

The smell of a campfire and sleeping close to the stars. Feeling the breeze at every turn and being free of the normalcy of daily life at home. That’s it, we’re going, camper or no camper.

We blew the dust off our Big Agnes tent and pulled out our old camp gear. It’s in a pile waiting to be loaded into the truck. It has been more than a decade since we tent camped. Our backs are older, our sleep more cherished, and it is suppose to be cold. Crazy idea, probably. It could break us. But we’re doing it.

Stay tuned…

At the beginning of the pandemic, we said our good byes to our ALiner. It’s been a good ride.