Columbia Northwest Aliner Classic

Well, we did it. We took a step towards organized camping by investing in a camper. After years of tent camping, we were reached a point where we wished we could go more often, but knew it was just not possible because it was just too much work. As two busy people with full-time jobs, a house, and just life in general, the process of cleaning-packing-camping-packing-cleaning-packing again, was just too much. We seemed to always have rain and when you have rain, you have to let things dry out, which can add another week of work before you can go back to life before camping.

We wanted to be able to get up and go when we got off work on a Friday, take off within an hour or two and return on Sunday with only laundry and a few dishes to wash. We wanted simple. We wanted manageable. We wanted to be able to fit whatever we bought in the garage. We looked. We saw. We decided on Columbia Northwest’s ALiner, a Classic to be exact.

Now, this decision was not made lightly, nor did come without the need for additional investments. It snowballed into a new truck and a shed for the yard to accommodate our new toy. But, we did it… the truck can pull this room on wheels and it backs up easily into one side of our two car garage. The shed is on its way and hopefully will be installed and filled so my car can get back under roof before snow starts flying.

We’re going to use this space to cronicle our adventures in our A-Liner. We hope this can be a space to share A-liner tips and news, discuss techniques for preparing for and returning from a camping trip, places to camp to hike, and great outdoor meals.

We travel with our four-legged friend, Penn, so dog-lovers, we should have some stuff for you too. Although we hope to venture far and wide, we’re based in western Pennsylvania, so most of our weekend trips will be within a 2 to 4 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoy “Get Out!”