A few years ago, we outfitted our A-liner bed with a foam mattress topper and cover. Well, a few years have past and, after a few restless nights, one of us decided that it was time for another revamp. We headed to Ikea and invested in the Sultan Hanestad mattress. This comes rolled.

We completely removed the optional table on the larger side of the A-Liner, as we never use it; it is always a bed. We replaced the table with a piece of plywood. It may seem unnecessary, but without the table, you no longer have the legs limiting your storage space under the bed.

When you set the rolled mattress on the bed area it looks like it will never fit. Well, if you don’t remove the two swing table extenders, it probably won’t. But we removed them (again, not something we used ever) and let the mattress fill the space. It is a tight fit, but it’s there. Lengthwise, the mattress could stand to lose about an inch.

We’re going from soft to firm, so there should be a noticeable difference. To be continued…