Improving the Mattress Quality in the Aliner

After several trips out, we realized that the cushions in the Aliner were not quite the quality we wanted them to be. We sought out a quick fix that did not require upholstery, a needle, or thread. The only tool I wanted to have to use was my credit card.  After all, we got the A-Liner for easy camping. If I’m home sewing cushions, I’m not camping, am I?

First, my solution would not work for everyone. Our Classic Aliner has a queen size bed on one end that converts to a large table. We have not used the table at all and keep this down as a bed all the time. With two of us, we haven’t found it necessary to fold and put away the bed clothes if we aren’t going to be using the table.

With that said, we purchased a queen-sized memory foam mattress from I selected this one based on the positive reviews and just hoped it fit. The item came and you had to let it air out (it stinks when you first get it, but the smell dissipates).  Once aired, we folded it and fit it in the Aliner. It is a snug fit, but worked out great.

The memory foam feels a bit weird at first, but we slept soundly and in comfort. I used flannel sheets over it and they were hard to work with as they kind of stuck to the memory foam, so I ordered a cover for the mattress, also from I haven’t received it, but will post my thoughts as soon as we try it.

The mattress cover did the trick and the bed is almost as good as sleeping in our home bed. So great to come “home” to after a long day hiking.