By Mr. Heater

After looking at the weather forecast for the week before our last camping trip, we thought the evening would be a bit cold in the screenhouse while we played games (something we do for hours on every camping trip). We like to sit outside late and don’t want the temperature to force us into the Aliner.

Mr. Heater SRC15T
Mr. Heater Tank-Top Heater

We saw this a similar item at Lowe’s and Home Depot, but we actually bought it at Tractor Supply.   At $39.99, it seemed well worth not freezing ourselves or forcing us indoors for the evenings. (Although we do like our gadgets, we haven’t started bringing a TV to camp so we could retire at 8:00 when the cop show comes on.)

This comes in a one heater (SRC15T) model and a two (RSC30T) model. We opted for the one heater version because we planned to use it inside the screen house and didn’t want something that people would bump into and get burnt or start a fire. It proved itself plenty capable of warming our large Paha Que screen house and then some.

It was simple to attach to a large propane tank. Lighting it was not hard, but takes a bit of strength, which could prove difficult for some.

Overall, fabulous purchase. Takes the chill off and keeps the whining down when the temperature starts to dip.

Our take:

CampingEssentialRecommend! If you camp when the weather is turning cooler, you need this. We take two extra propane tanks to use these in the evenings while we play games in the screen house. Perfect to take the chill off and keep everyone being social for a few extra hours instead of taking off into the campers.