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Pop-Up Camper

Storing the Aliner

Aliner in garage

The Benefits of a High Garage: Storing the Aliner

Since the Get Out Camping blog started, we took a hiatus from camping for awhile because we moved. Now, I’m not going to say that is is why we moved, but I will say I think it made our choice house much more attractive to us. Continue reading “Storing the Aliner”


Columbia Northwest Aliner Classic

Well, we did it. We took a step towards organized camping by investing in a camper. After years of tent camping, we were reached a point where we wished we could go more often, but knew it was just not possible because it was just too much work. As two busy people with full-time jobs, a house, and just life in general, the process of cleaning-packing-camping-packing-cleaning-packing again, was just too much. We seemed to always have rain and when you have rain, you have to let things dry out, which can add another week of work before you can go back to life before camping. Continue reading ““A” IS FOR ALINER”

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