When I read about Jack Rebney’s recent catastrophe, my heart sank. I don’t wish this on anyone, but Jack? To me, Jack is like this reclusive uncle that I always wanted to know better, but he really just never comes around. He lives somewhere else with a dog that knows him better than anyone else on earth ever did or ever will.

I could be totally wrong about Jack. I never met him. My only knowledge of him comes from the documentary, Winnebago Man , about Jack’s career selling Winnebago’s on really cheesy television commercials, but more notably, the outtakes from those that went viral exposing his profanity-laden bashing of himself and crew. That was enough to make me like him. His realness as “world’s angriest man” was comical, but also refreshingly human.

Perhaps Jack is your image of the uncle you kind of wished you had. If he is, would you “do me a kindness?”. Donations or words of appreciation/support can be sent to:

Jack Rebney
PO Box 492
Manton, CA 96059