Just about an hour and 15 minutes away from Pittsburgh in Youngstown, Ohio, you can spend the day exploring the trails of Mill Creek Metro Park.

We picked a beautiful fall day. Since it is Youngstown, I didn’t have high hopes, but was pleasantly surprised at the unique bridges, surprise rock formations, and the old mill, Lanterman’s Mill. The park wasn’t well marked, but it was clean and safe. The terrain was easy to medium level of difficulty.

The colors in the rock along the trails was truly magnificent.
One of the more unique bridges I have seen, this one looks like it came out of a fairy tale. Its appropriately named Cinderella Bridge.

This old stone building, Pioneer Pavilion (1821), wasn’t open to the public but did look to be in use.

Some of the trail was long old stone walls with some interesting marks in them.

Most of the trail is in town, so you will hear traffic occasionally and there are events there like charity runs, so sometimes I’d imagine it can be quite crowded or hard to find parking.

For the short drive, it was a great day of hiking in what turned out to be a very nice metro park.