We love to hike and to photograph nature on those hikes. I picked up two books that I am using for planning our 2013 trips.

For camping and hiking, I’m looking at Pennsylvania Waterfalls: A Guide for Hikers and Photographers by Scott E. Brown. I’ve already started a list from this book and its too long to get them all in in one season.

Second, for day hikes mainly (some have camping opportunities, but not all), is Rail-Trails Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. I doubt I will get to Jersey this year, but maybe western New York and Pennsylvania is a given. This book seems packed with useful information.

I’ll try to reference these as we do things that we pulled from these books. Camping and hiking planning is one of two “armchair” activities I enjoy doing in the month of February. The other is gardening. I am constantly going back and forth as where to direct my efforts.

The season is almost here. Can’t wait!