Let me start by saying we don’t use our sink in the A-liner. It is small and since we live in a climate the freezes, we don’t find it worth the extra work it takes to drain in for the off-season. For clean water, we look elsewhere.

In the past, we would stock up on gallon-sized jugs of water from Costco before camping to ensure that we would have clean water for just about everything, from filling the dogs’ water bowls to cleaning dishes. These took up considerable space in the vehicle and also created bulky trash. But you need clean water.


Last year we tried the Tera Pump TRPMW100, a battery-powered pump that fits on one of those large water cooler containers. It turns it into an instant spigot. We set this up on the end of a picnic table and clean water is readily available. After two years of use, we’re still very happy with the product and would recommend it.

  • Runs on 2 D Batteries
  • Fits most crown top 5 or 6 gallon bottles
  • 1 gallon per minute
  • It’s is BPA-FREE, food-grade plastic

Now, instead of cases of water, we go to the local big-box hardware store and exchange our empty jug for a full one. These are usually located near the check out registers so you can ask for one on your way out without carrying it very far.

We still take a jug or two to keep it cold in the cooler, but the days of lugging heavy cases are over. The site stays neater and water for dishes, cooking and refilling the dogs bowls is right at the site.

CampingEssentialOur take:

If you aren’t one to risk drinking water from the pumps at most campgrounds, get this pump. You’ll need to carry or buy less of the jugs or bottles, keep your campsite neater, and have fresh, clean water readily available at your site.